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Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is necessary for understanding of how we and other companies we work with may collect, store and process your personal data for the provision of Cirqle services and improving their quality. Also the privacy policy explains the choices that you have at the moment of granting or restricting access to certain data.

1. General principles

1.1 The present terms define Cirqle Privacy Policy and shall be treated as an integral part of the User Agreement.

1.2 By using Cirqle, you agree with the User agreement and this Privacy Policy.

1.3 By using the Service you grant Cirqle right to use your data, including its collection, storage, processing and transmitting.

1.4 Cirqle may use your data worldwide.

1.5 These acts are necessary to provide services and improve their quality.

1.6 Any actions taken by Cirqle may be assigned to third parties. The data, collected by Cirqle, fully or in part or in processed form may be disclosed to third parties may be, for example Google Analytics or Amazon Web Services.

1.7 Data, obtained hereby may be used for an unlimited time, but it is a right, not an obligation of Cirqle, which means that any user data may be removed at any time, in whole or partly.

1.8 If it is prohibited by the laws of your country of residence to transfer the data, you must immediately stop using the Service.

2. Personal information we collect

2.1 When you create an account in Cirqle, you provide us the basic information about yourself, such as name, e-mail, password to use our services, pic, a brief biography. Depending on your choice you may give us access to the data from your profiles in other social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Foursquare.

2.2 Your profile data except e-mail and password can be displayed in the public access. While using the application, you can subscribe to content and other people, and other people can subscribe to your content or you information about subscriptions to non-private content is also public.

2.3 We may use your data, such as phone number, email, or social networking profiles to help you find other people in our system.

2.4 During the use of our services we collect information about the location of users, devices used by the user and user behavior in order to improve the quality of services. Such information may be obtained in form of statistics on use of services, individual functions usage statistics, IP-addresses, and versions of the browsers, the language, quality of the Internet and other quality parameters.

2.5 Cirqle or third parties acting with our permission, may place cookies on your device in order to identify it.

2.6 You have the ability to allow or deny access to some data that we collect.

3. Principles of content availability

3.1 Two key objectives of our services are the creation and consumption of content. Content mainly stored in albums, called Cirqles.

3.2 Cirqles can be both public and private. You decide for yourself or with other users of the Service, who may have access to the private content. Public content is available to all users of our services. Users can also interact with content - subscribe, write comments, approve and so on. Absolutely everything that happens inside private Cirqles is available only to members of the Cirqle, the other users of the system can not even be sure about the existence of this content, other than you or your collaborators on your permission would not invite a new user to become a member of your Cirqle.

3.3 Any piece of content is always accompanied by a corresponding geo tag displayed as a point or area on the map that can be viewed by other users.

3.4 We reserve the right to publish content on behalf of you in other social networks, if you give us your permission.

3.5 By posting content or message using the Service You understand and agree that, your user name may be seen by other users.

4. Providing data on request

4.1 In addition to these, we can provide the information to third parties if we have a good faith belief that the law requires us to do so.

4.2 We can provide the data to a third party in the case of a claim, or in other cases where the provision of our data to a third party is necessary to investigate or prevent crime.

5. Modifications

5.1 These terms may be changed by Cirqle unilaterally as well as the user agreement.

5.2 In case of change of these terms the rules established by user agreement shall be applied to them.

5.3 You assume the obligation to monitor possible changes and from time to time visit the pages of our User Agreement and these terms and conditions.

5.4 Using of the service after the entry into force of the new conditions will constitute your complete acceptance of these new conditions.